A bunker made out of the fryer POLYSTYRENE

This was made a year ago .So since then , it was in the storage room .    
The cap from above went wrong from moisture

 The interior of the bunker

Check this great tournament from Greece

This is blog call INVULNERABLE and you will see fotos videos and lots of stuff from the tournament........ENJOY !!!!
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My updated old models Blood Angels Rhino's

That's some of my old models and I'm thinking to sell  them on E-bay

1) One with storm bolter 

 2) And one with melta gun 


A Battle from Syros....Necrons VS Chaos space marines

Sorry about the poor terrain or the poor buildings . This was made in a hurry and with minimum resources . 
The both teams are in 850 pts. I'm not sure about what the teams have but I'm think they have the following .
The Necrons have :
3 groups of 8 warriors
3 destroyers
4 scarabs swarm
1 Necron Lord with war scythe , night veil , ressuraction orb.
The Chaos
2 groups of 10 Khorne Berserker 
2 groups of 10 tactical marines with varius weapons.
A chaos lord wiht many upgrades on him.