I'm selling on Ebay this Space Wolves tactical squads

I start to raising money to buy the new six edition rulebook ( is too expensive) , so I'm selling some of my unused models
This are two tactical squads with different paint job one of 10 men and an other with 7 men 




Genocide Chronicles VIII

Genocide Chronicles VIII
To Genocide Chronicles VIII  θα διεξαχθεί  στις 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2012 στον σύλλογο Legion Wargaming Club  , ο οποίος βρίσκεται στην Ηλιούπολη . Χορηγός επικοινωνίας η ιστοσελίδα WARGAMER.GR
Πολυ θα ηθελα να παω ως απλός παρατηρητης , υπόσχομαι πως δεν θα μπλέκομαι στα πόδια σας παιδιά............  



This is a great company  , that makes hand made Titans for warhammer 40k universe.
As you can see from the photos their works  is excellent
You can find more information on their page on facebook and they selling the Titans at there site ,  also on EBAY 
Follow this links for more information:


My new bunker for war hammer 40k games

This was made from plaster brick by brick.
Sorry about the bad painting job , but I was to excited and I was in a hurry to finish it .
I also made the mistake to spray them , and the paint was sucked up from the plaster in some spots more than in others
All the crates and ammo boxes are also made from plaster.
And they are not glued ,  so you can move them around  , or remove them .

This is my small bunker is a square 3'' x 3'' (inc)

This is the biger 5"x5" inc


Alien or Space Hulk ?

This are my nephew's terrain piece , with a theme from Space Hulk ? Or is a some kind of laboratory , from the Aliens movie  ?
Who knows , I'm will  use it as a Warhammer 40k terrain piece  , with some debris around it .


Portal Magazine

Portal Magazine is a monthly, free to download electronic publication dedicated to miniature painting. We have product reviews, sponsored competitions, show reports, tutorials and much more, all reproduced in our own monthly magazine, Portal. Since it's lauch last yeat it has had over 31'000 downloads and its aim is to push the miniature painting hobby further. If you feel we can help your company reach our readership

Click Here:
Portal Magazine  
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The Ancible magazine

Free downloadable in(  PDF form ) magazine for an introduction in wargames ( not only WarHammer 40k )
Click Here : The Ancible

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Lets make some Destroyed Rhinos markers

 We are gone to need some items such as :
1) Clipper , blade , PVC white glue , some sprue's , Rhinos bits, and a piece of foam board.

2)Start by measuring the length of the Rhino and then mark with your pencil a square about 5.5x3.5 inch , on the foam board (That numbers  are a little bigger than the Rhinos actually length )


3)Then cut some sprue as you like and try to fit on the foam board .
( I placed some models to see if the fit probably on the marker ) 
Glue it with the PVC ,  also spread some more glue between the gaps and drop the modelling  gravel and the Rhino bits were ever you like the most .

  4)Let the glue to dry , spay a base coat with black paint and then paint the rest items with the colours of your codex (?).
I have made two markers , one in chaos  and one in Space wolves colors.
Thank you for watching !
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