Lets make some Destroyed Rhinos markers

 We are gone to need some items such as :
1) Clipper , blade , PVC white glue , some sprue's , Rhinos bits, and a piece of foam board.

2)Start by measuring the length of the Rhino and then mark with your pencil a square about 5.5x3.5 inch , on the foam board (That numbers  are a little bigger than the Rhinos actually length )


3)Then cut some sprue as you like and try to fit on the foam board .
( I placed some models to see if the fit probably on the marker ) 
Glue it with the PVC ,  also spread some more glue between the gaps and drop the modelling  gravel and the Rhino bits were ever you like the most .

  4)Let the glue to dry , spay a base coat with black paint and then paint the rest items with the colours of your codex (?).
I have made two markers , one in chaos  and one in Space wolves colors.
Thank you for watching !
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