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Dice+ - Essen 2013



My hand made Ork lobbas

I made them from pieces of sprues ,  card board ,  some old toy soldiers wheels and for the cannon I use a vanilla "cup" from that , that used at cakes ....


Xia space ship game on kickstrarter

I really loved it !And I wish I had 105 $  , for a copy of this game plus all stretch goals and free international shipping....


Need more fire power to your Space Marines army ?

Another great deal ,  from Titan Manufactorum or Chipis games  , they have for sale 3 Guardians in the price of two .

Check at their site for more details :


You have any storage problems for your minis ?

As the site says this is a cheap but decent product for storing your minis

The Warchest has been designed as a mix and match system, so that you buy just what you need for your personal needs. The system is made up of boxes, lids and inlays. Size 245mm x 183mm

Boxes – The boxes are designed with a lip to make them easy to lift and can be used as a stand alone system or fit into IKEA wooden drawers. Boxes are available in 3 heights.
1. 35mm high. Great for 6mm Figures and 10mm/15mm/20mm Infantry.
2. 52.5mm high  Great for 10mm/15mm Cavalry
3 70 mm high Great for 28mm Figures
4 100mm high Great for 28mm Lance Armed Cavalry & Pikemen
For more details check the site :


Chaos Conversion

I had a damaged land speeder (it was cut at two and missing a small part in the middle ) and I had it for terrain
But I was bored of it ,so I decided to convert it
I only had some pieces from a chaos Rhino


A post from Imperius Dominatus: Hate Games Workshop?

Imperius Dominatus: Hate Games Workshop?: I was reading a post on Dakka Dakka today, which commented about hating Games Workshop. The question was is it unreasonable to hate a min...


My first ever Batrep

Army's : Ork ( 485 Pts ) - Space Wolves ( 585 Pts ) . Unbalance I know but I copied the army's lists from Assault on the Black Reach starter (  As you can see the models aren't 100% the same as in the box .)
The battles mission is Big Gun never tire .What.... ? Big guns... ? Were... ? .
Never mind , we try it anyway .
Deployment :Dawn Of War 
So we roll  for mysterious objectives and we get 2 + 2 of them .
First round Night fighting ? Yes
Warlord trait we both throw on  strategic traits Orks gets Divide to Conquer and Space Wolfs  gets Princeps Of  Deceit (we didn't use them at all )
First round goes to Orks  , S.W. fail steal the initiative ,and no reserves for the two players , so all in !
Ork First Turn :
 Move face : All units moved forward .
The War boss reveal the first mysterious objective behind the forest ,  it was a Grav Wave Generator
The Boyz reveal the second mysterious objective inside the bunker and it was a Targeting Relay (Wow that was useful )
Shooting face :
WB  runs 3 inch toward the crates on the centre of the battlefield.
The Boyz run 5 inch to occupied the bunker
The Nobz run 6 inch toward the ruins to catch up the Grey Hunters.
And finally the Deffkoptas try to shoot at the Wolfe Lord ,  but they fail to hit
So that was the Orks first turn ............

Space Wolves First turn 
Move Face :
The Grey Hunters moved to the ruins and they get the third  mysterious objective and it was a Sabotaged!( ohhhh How lucky me ! )
The Wolf Guards moved forward to the centre to face the War Boss 
The Wolf Lord  moved to be near the Wolf Guards.
The Dreadnought move to left to deal with the Deffkoptas
Shooting face:
Grey Hunters shoot at Nobzs total of 11 shoots ( 7 Bolter , 2 from flamer's template , 1 pistol , 1 snap shoot from missile launcher )
They hit  totally  5 , wounds 3 and Nobzs gain cover save of  + 4 ,  they save the 2 out of  3  .So they get one wound to the closest Nob 
Wolf Lord  run 5 inch  infront of  the W.G. , toward to the nobz

The Wolf Guards try their luck with the lonely War Boss and they shoot through the crates between them  and the War Boss .They fired 5 Storm bolter  meaning  10 shoots , they hit with the 8 of them and they made 5 wounds
The poor War Boss tried to makes some saves, but he only saved one and he died
So in the first turn the S.W. scores not only  the Fist blood but also Slay the Warlord 2 points on them all ready .
( That was a tactical error from the Ork player to leave the War Boss alone ,But we are new on this game so please don't judge us to hard )
The Dreadnought fired at Deffkoptas with multi melta ,  makes one hit but no wounds (he roll 1 ) and then he fired his strom bolter ,  hits one and wounds one , but it was saved
We roll for Sabotaged! but  no effect
That was the end of turn one for S.W.................

Turn two for Ork 
Move face :
Nobzs roll for difficult terrain and they move 3 inch into the ruins very close to Grey Hunters (one inch away )
Boyzs moved 4 inch and reposition  ,  in and around the bunker and prepare their heroic charge against the Wolf Guards
Deffkoptas  move back 6 inch away from Dread
Shooting face :
Nobzs shoot with their sluggas but no hits so ever .And they prepare their charge .
Deffkoptas shoot at Dread  , 1 hit  but fail to glance or pen
Boyzs Shoot all their fire power total of 24 shoots (18 sluggas 2 big shootas ) hits 6  , wounds 2
But the Wolf Guards made all of their saves.
Assault face :
Nobz declare their charge to G.H. so the G.H. over watch them .Hit 4 , wound 1  , no saves so one nob with the wound is dead .
Then the nobz roll the 3 dices and they get 7 ,  more than enough to fall with force on the G.H.
With initiative of 4 G.H. hits first ,  5 hits ,1 wound and no save from Nodz .One Nobz is wounded.
Nobz 7 hits , 4 wounds ,  2 saves from G.H. so 2 G.H. dead .
G.H. lose by one  , they roll for morale and they get a 7 and they pass it .
Boyz  declare their double charge to the W.G. and the W.L. they can't ignore him .
So both make over watch ( I don't know if that is illegal , please comment below to correct me  ) and they get 2 hits from W.G. and 1 from W.L. they made  totaly 2 wounds  , 2 boyz dead .
Boyz roll 3D6 for charging distance they roll 1,4,6 and the 5 inch is enough for their charge
First goes the W.L. hit 2  , wound 2 , kills 2 more boyz .
Then the boyz rolls 46 dices ,  25 hits , 9 wounds , 2 of them goes on W.L. and he saves them and 7 to W.G. ,  they save the 6 of them ,  so one W.G. is dead .
W.G turn  , hits 5 , wound 3  , killing 3 boyz  .
Orks lose by 5 but because they are still in mob numbers (over 12) they are fearless .
Roll for Sabotage ! No effect
That was the end of Ork Turn 2

Space Wolfe turn 2
Move face : S.W. pass this face
Shooting face 
 The Dread shoots all its weapons ,  hits and wounds :1 with the  multi metla  and  1 with the storm bolter the Deffkoptas save the bolter  but no the melta so they get a wound.
Grey Hunters continuing the close combat with the Nobz .They roll 9 , hits 2, wound 1 .
No saves for Nobz and they lose another Nob
Nobz roll 9 , hit 1 ,wound 1 but the G.H. fail to save so one G.H. is dead .Tie combat

At the other close combat  Wolf Lord rolls 3 , hits 2 ,wounds 1 one Boyz die
Then the Boyz that are in combat with  W.L. roll 8 , hit  2 , wound 1 , but W.L. saves it
The Boyz that fighting the Wolf Guards roll 15 , hit 4 , wound 3 ,W.G. saves the 2 of them so one W.G. die
The Wolf Guards hit back , roll 6 ,hit 3 , wound 2 and kill 2 Orks

The Boyz lose by 2 and there number are lower than 12 they roll for morale test and they get 12 .Since the Wolf Lord  wear a normal power armour he and the Boyz rolls for sweeping advance. The W.L. rolls a 1 +5 =6  and the Boyz  rolls a 4 + 2=6  so he gets them and destroy them all .
End of the Space Wolves turn 2
Roll for Sabotage .No effect
Orks Turn 3
Things look very bad for Orks , but Ork player decide to go for it !
Move face:
Only Deffkoptas can move so they do , they move 12 up to the Wolf Guards and to contest the objective that is inside the bunker ( remember ? reroll the1 when you roll to hit )
Shooting face:
 The Deffkoptas shoot at the W.G. hit 3 , wound 2  ( I by mistake thought that  because the Ork weapon with STR 8 and AP 3 ,  I had no saves for that and I make my Termis "go to ground" move .So I roll for a +6 cover save instead a  +2 save . I save the one and the unsaved roll went to my  W.G. Sargent that he was on the front  ,  I roll for "look out sir"  , but I failed so he died .....

Assault face: 
The G.H. - Nobz assault continues   , the G.H. roll 8 , hit 5 , wound 5 , Nobz save 1 so 2 Nobz dead
tthe only Nob left ,  rolls 3 ,  hit 2  , wound 1 G.H.he doesn't  saves it and he died .But Nob must roll for morale check , he rolls 7 and he fail to pass it ,  we roll for initiative 5 for Nob 2 for G.H, and he barely escapes and retreats  6 inch
Roll for sabotage No effect
That was the end of turn 3 for Orks...............
Turn 3 for Space Wolves  
Move face : 
Grey Hunters move 4 inch in to the ruins for a better position
The Wolf Lord move 6 inch toward the deffkoptas ,  so did the dreadnought .
Shooting face :
The G.H. shoot at Deffkoptas with the 4 bolder 1 shoot each ( 23 inch away )  made 2 hits , but no wounds and the missile launcher snap shot but failed to do anything  .
Wolf Guards snapshot at Deffkoptas hit ones but no wounds
Assault face :
 Dreadnought declare a charge at Deffkoptas they "over watch" it and they roll 3 ,  hit 1 , roll for pen or glance and they roll one  , so no damage for the Dread that rolls a 9 and crash on them with fury .
The Wolf Lord also declare a charge but he roll 5 and he was an inch away to reach them .
And the fight start with the dread rolls 4 hits 1 wounds 1 and kills the  Deffkopta with the one wound Deffkoptas roll 4 hit , 2 but they have no close combat weapon to harm the dread .They roll for morale and they roll a 2 !!!They are locked in combat .

Roll for sabotage No effect !!!
That was the end of turn 3 for S.W. ........
Orks turn 4 
Move face : Nob still running

Assault face : 
Defkopptas try to leave the close combat with the "hit and run" special rule , but the fail to do so . And with that point  the Ork Player declare an Ork defeat ,  there was no meaning to continue the game .
Its a Space Wolves victory !!!!

That's all ,  we may had made allot of  mistakes , but it was a fun game and we enjoy it to much .
We never care about who is going to win ,  we just care about to have a quality time with a friend along with the game we love !
Thank you for the reading  !
(I'm very sorry , for any spelling or grammar mistake )